10 Trends That Will Shape HR In 2018

2017 wasn’t just about Washington. HR departments across the country played a crucial role in one of the year’s largest controversies, an avalanche of incidents wrapped into one succinct hashtag (#MeToo). And the push to make the workplace a safer, more diverse environment meant a steady stream of tasks for the HR department and renewed scrutiny for the critical role it plays.

In 2018, a new round of trends and some recurring themes are likely to shape the HR landscape.

  1. The changing role of the CHRO
  2. A focus on branding and the employee experience
  3. Upskilling and the new talent pipeline
  4. Fighting harassment and improving inclusion
  5. Sexual orientation protections
  6. Worker compensation and classification
  7. State and local laws
  8. Personalization of benefits delivery and communication
  9. Ballooning employee debt and a focus on financial wellness education
  10. Consolidation of vendors, retailers and healthcare insurers (i.e. CVS, Aetna)

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