June 20, 2017 Share

Ananta Creative Group Takes Three Marketing Awards

Ananta’s Managing Director looks back-and forward–as the agency accepts three marketing communications awards for their work at the 2017 NJCAMA ASTRA Award Ceremony.

Gail Rose and Matt Pilsner accept an ASTRA Award at the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA) 2017 award ceremony.
Ananta won Silver Awards for “Design/Advertising, Still Photography” for “The Prallsville Mills at Night,” “Excellence in Website Writing” for Ananta Creative Group, and “Multimedia Campaigns, Business-to-Consumer,” for Dickson Development.

Do creative awards still matter in the new world of marketing? I started to ponder this question on my way to the shopping mall the other day. Ananta had won three awards, and I had completely neglected to order a new dress to wear to the awards ceremony. Suddenly I felt like I had entered a time warp. Was it time to throw on a pair of pumps and pantyhose and rock my 80s playlist?

Not quite. Not yet. Technology has brought us to a much better place than we were when I began my career in marketing. We are now standing on solid, data-driven, measurable ground. Our work is being evaluated every single day by completely impartial robots! We can’t take them out to lunch to secure better placement on the page. The only thing that might get us to the top of Google is strong, relevant and engaging content with strategic on-page SEO implementation supported by an effective paid search campaign.

There is nothing subjective about a Google Analytics report, or the number of impressions on a LinkedIn post. And, frankly, even with all this data, we still have to prove the true value of our marketing initiatives every day. Do these statistics make us any more successful as marketers than an old-school, peer-reviewed creative award?

Yes, they do. There is little value in great marketing creative if it produces no measurable result. This is at the core of all the work we do at Ananta.

Naturally it came as no surprise that my highly disciplined, task-oriented millennial creative partner was completely baffled by the idea of a creative awards ceremony. Why in the world would we take time out of our day to celebrate ourselves when there was important work to be done? How could anyone even measure something as subjective as creativity? Would he have to wear a tie?

At the end of the day, the question is not about looking back to another time but how we move our message forward. Sure, you can argue that there is no point in spending time and money on awards when anyone today can self-publish their successes on our social media channels.

This is why, I suppose, I stopped entering work years ago. However, when a client asked us to win an award for the work we were doing, we got right on it. And found it was neither a waste of time nor money. It was an important reminder that we are not just in this to boost our rankings—or our egos. We are in it to make a difference.

Creative awards celebrate the human side of marketing, something that drives our energy and spirit at Ananta Creative Group. We love telling stories. We love making it personal. It is essential to acknowledge great work privately. It is a very good idea to do it publicly from time to time as well. Our strong creative product attracts top talent to our teams. Above all else, it creates a work culture that is uplifting, empowering and very relevant.