BGA Insurance Group Offers New Technology for Retiring Employees

BGA Insurance Group Offers New Technology for Retiring Employees

BGA Insurance Group of Cherry Hill, NJ has been helping people transition from work plans onto Medicare and Medicare related health coverage for a decade now. One of the problems we often had with older retirees who call upon us is that they weren’t made fully aware of all of their options and the differences between those options as they were preparing to leave the work environment and go onto Medicare.

We’d hear stories about HR Reps essentially wishing them well and handing them a Medicare brochure that only represents one company, which is essentially the equivalent of going to a restaurant that only has one thing on the menu. They were very rarely informed as to how the Medicare system works and how to fully ensure they get the maximum amount of benefits for the least amount of cost. By the time most of them find out they were in an overpriced plan, health issues often make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to move.

BGA Insurance Group realized that a critical part of the puzzle was to reach out to HR Personnel, and so we have now created a website that can be specifically designed to include a company specific logo that contains every single option available to those employees whom are about to enter the Medicare arena. It contains all supplemental company and drug plan information, as well as a rundown on how Medicare works. An HR professional can now have this personalized website to send to it’s soon to be retiring employees, so they can browse every single viable option. The website contains the company logo, so it’s a great amenity that the company can now offer. The website also contains BGA’s direct contact info, so that if the employee is less than computer savy, they can be walked through the process, step by step, by a licensed agent, albeit over the phone or in person, whichever the retiree chooses.

The best thing about this new website is that it is absolutely free to your company as well as to your employee. It removes the labor intensive search for both the HR Professional and the retiree, and puts it in the hands of an experienced and trusted resource that’s been doing it for years. The company walks away knowing they now have a great amenity that they can offer to their retiring employees and feel safe in the knowledge that their soon to be former employees are being cared for and directed into Medicare plans that best fit their own specific needs. The employee is happy because they now are aligned with an agency that is going to guide them through the process, step by step, to find the best coverage for their needs, but also remain in contact with them as their needs may change throughout their retirement.

Again the best part of the entire piece is that there is absolutely no cost whatsoever to neither the company nor the retiree for this website.