July 28, 2018 Share

BGA Insurance Group: Working Beyond the Age of 65

One of the issues we run into the most in helping seniors with Medicare, is dealing with the people who took their Medicare Part B at the age of 65, and continued to work. People are of the mindset that when you turn 65, you are absolutely required to take your Part B, regardless of whether you’re continuing to work or not. This can get very tricky because you may HAVE to take Medicare B if remaining on certain employer health plans regardless of whether you want to or not. I always tell people to AVOID having BOTH a work plan coverage and Part B of Medicare at the same time. The reason for this is because it can cause you to forfeit significant rights and privileges that you will not be able to recoup once you get into the Medicare arena, and if you have certain health issues, this becomes a major stumbling block as to what type of coverage you can choose for yourself.

We can help you to examine this further, so you know exactly what lay ahead prior to retirement.

If you are an HR professional, it’s imperative that you also become versed in this aspect of Medicare, because many retirees don’t know and then find out the hard way, and many mistakes are often not correctable once you’ve entered the Medicare arena.

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