Branding-Building Workshops by Imbue Creative

Branding-Building Workshops by Imbue Creative

Imbue Creative’s educational workshops are aimed at helping business owners and marketing professionals build stronger relationships with their audiences. Starting on April 1st, a variety of dates and times are available. Sign up for one today!

Workshops are 60 minutes long and are conducted online via Zoom.

We are currently offering 3 workshops and all are tailored to today’s business environment:

1. Identifying & Reaching Your Ideal Prospect
• Defining facts, behavior patterns, goals, and pain points.
• Understanding the motivation behind the actions of your prospects.
• Moving beyond target markets or job titles to start defining your prospects as real people—real purchasers with real needs—so you
can reach them where they are most likely to engage.
• Ways to best reach your prospects in today’s current business climate with COVID-19.

2. Digital Marketing: A Crash Course
You’ve probably heard all of the buzzwords: SEO, SEM, Retargeting, Native Advertising, Social Advertising, Mobile Conquesting,
Google Ads, IP Targeting…the list goes on. We’ll help you make sense of it all and make the best decision for your business or
organization, so you can reach the right people.

3. Planning & Building a Lead-Generating Website
• Outline and structure planning.
• User experience and design.
• Choosing the right technology (and developer).
• Content planning for maximum engagement.
• Opportunities for lead-generation functionality.

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