CaddisArt Donates Computing Power to Assist COVID-19 Research

CaddisArt Donates Computing Power to Assist COVID-19 Research

CaddisArt, Inc. Teams up with Linus Tech Tips to Lend Computing Power to COVID-19 Research and Development

March 23, 2020 – Roebling, NJCaddisArt, a cinematic film and media company, teamed up with influencer, Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips to lend idle CPU and GPU power to research and development teams working on the COVID-19 emergency infrastructure.

What This Means:
While CaddisArt owns and maintains 4 video production and data servers, they are not always using 100% of their computing power. With a special application called “Folding,” These resources are redirected to the hard working staff and researchers so they can use additional power and compute cycles to help them get to a faster solution to this epidemic.

Our team has already earned a total of 121,272,638,776 points. This is more than 89% of the entire population of fellow “folders.”

Folding @ home is a perennial project with the support of many large technology corporations such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Google and has contributed to the construction of more than 223 different scientific reports, so users can complete Trust in participating.

CaddisArt, Inc. is in the process of building an entire dedicated machine during this time to help fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

For more information on Folding or what we’re doing to help, please contact Robert Blanda at 856-719-0273 or