CaddisArt Welcomes New Media Producer

CaddisArt’s family has grown once again. We are extremely pleased to welcome Hamilton resident, Kym Stokes, a seasoned Media Producer.

Kym Stokes, Media Producer at CaddisArt, Inc.
Kym Stokes, Media Producer at CaddisArt, Inc.

Kym Stokes brings over ten years of experience in the areas of graphics, digital media and technical experience to the table with aspirations of becoming a director for our recorded and live events. Her producer status certainly fills many of the gaps that CaddisArt has needed for quite some time. 

“She’s the breath of fresh air that we’ve needed for a long time,” said Robert Blanda, President and Creative Director of CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing.

“She didn’t require any training or guidance  from us. She jumped right in and took charge so we could continue to push forward. She’s fast and creative – we need that right now.” 

Kym graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in Illustration from the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She also has a certificate in web design and UI/UX which ultimately will fill many gaps that CaddisArt can certainly use.  

Robert Continues, “Her design methods and efficiency are right on par with exactly how we run our business. We didn’t need to spend time showing her how we do things around here. In addition, her experience at Shutterstock in New York was a pleasing addition – something we didn’t expect. Her function there was to evaluate and approve user-submitted vector artwork, a task I know that can be extremely difficult.”

Kym Stokes at HazTek, Inc.

“Oddly enough, we’ve crossed paths with her in the past. Kym and Laurie, our Executive Vice President, both have taught classes at Camden County College concurrently. She’s also worked with me at Sahara Sam’s Indoor and Outdoor Water Park in Berlin, New Jersey. It’s a small world.” 

CaddisArt’s Executive Vice President, Laurie Steidle, adds, “Kym is a pleasure to work with and has been a great addition to the team. She has jumped in wherever needed and is able to change gears  instantly.  I look forward to a long working relationship with her.” 

Kym’s functions at CaddisArt are vast, but has certainly not been limited. She’s already diving into their Cinematic and Live Broadcast department, driving complex cinema cameras, live broadcast switchers and more. She’s also proven herself to be a wonderful conduit to the clients and on-screen talent.  

“I’m excited to become a part of the bigger picture in the film industry with CaddisArt,” says Kym. “It’s an exiting and fast-paced art in itself. I love CaddisArt’s production values and am excited to expand my skill set in post production as well.”  

She didn’t require any training or guidance  from us. She jumped right in and took charge so we could continue to push forward. Kym will also be joining the production team at Amazon® and HazTek Safety Management to produce their e-learning segments moving forward.   

You can reach Kym at (856) 719-0273 x120 or by emailing her at  


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