CMA Shares “Top Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses on a Budget”

Holiday marketing is just one of many small business marketing challenges. During the holiday season, marketing your small business could be a particularly arduous task due to time and marketing expertise challenges. As a small business, CMA understands those marketing challenges firsthand, especially during the holidays.

Here are top seasonal marketing ideas for small businesses on a budget:

  1. Create a holiday marketing campaign

Implement multi-channel marketing, to create a holiday marketing campaign, which includes direct mail, email marketing and social media.

Think about this example, to execute a single strategy across multiple channels:

Holiday Card The benefit of a holiday card is that it can give your holiday marketing campaign ‘legs’. Along with mailing it to your customers and prospects, you can promote it through other channels like email and social media. In today’s digital age, mailing a printed holiday card enables you to be more personal and brings nostalgia to a campaign.

CMA has been creating its uniquely branded holiday card for more than 25 years and has received dozens of awards for it. The combination of creativity and its employees intermingled throughout the design, reinforce CMA’s branding and corporate culture.

Holiday Gift – If it fits within your budget, mail a token holiday gift with your printed piece. It should complement your theme, reinforce your branding and include contact information. To keep costs down, choose one that can be mailed with the marketing piece and won’t require hefty mailing costs.

Special Offer A holiday promotion can consist of a special holiday sale, limited time holiday offer, discount code or free initial report/consultation. Consider promotion ideas, your unique selling proposition and how you want your prospects and customers to come through your sales funnel.

Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective vehicles to reach prospects and customers. In addition to the impressive data on the benefits of email marketing every day, email marketing statistics show that people specifically love getting emails on special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays.

Email a digital version of the holiday card to users, so they can interact and engage with it on their desktop. For optimal viewing, make it mobile-friendly. By producing a platform where users can be a part of the conversation, you’ll make the digital execution of the card interesting, dynamic and interactive.  

Social Media Email marketing makes it easy for users to share information on social media. Regardless of how they interact with your brand, your message will be delivered to your target audiences. Utilizing social media is another beneficial way to reach your target audiences electronically and encourage social sharing.

  1. Team up with a local charity

What’s a better way to get into the giving spirit than to join forces with a local charity during the holidays? Small businesses should be aligning themselves with local charities all year round and especially during the holiday season, to be visible in the local community.

Besides the ‘feel good’ benefits, small businesses can promote it on social media and tag the charity, to show support and increase positive exposure. An added bonus is that you’ll gain followers and engagement.

You can work with a local charity through:

  • Volunteering your time
  • Donating needed items
  • Speaking at local events
  • Lending your expertise

CMA cares about its local community. The firm has dedicated more than 3,000 hours to its community, over the past three decades, through volunteering, fundraising and offering pro bono services. During Thanksgiving every year, CMA collects canned and boxed goods for a local organization that helps the homeless in Central New Jersey.


  1. Supply helpful holiday content

The key to any successful content marketing campaign is having an active blog, with high-quality content.

Some of the advantages of having a blog include:

  • Positioning you as an industry thought leader
  • Showcasing your expertise
  • Validating your small business

The holiday season is an ideal time to focus your blog on holiday-related topics, which will be of particular interest to your audience.

CMA has an active blog all year round, which provides helpful tips on marketing and association management related topics. During the holiday season, the firm focuses its blog posts on themes related to marketing during the holiday season. It’s imperative to time the blogs appropriately. In the case of holiday marketing, CMA posts its blogs in October which is the perfect time to start thinking about it.

  1. Hold a contest on social media

People love winning things! Together with sharing your holiday marketing piece on social media, also think about holding a contest on this channel. This will help you to showcase your offerings in a fun way and can result in a referral from the winner. Referrals are one of the best ways to gain business and social media is essentially a public referral forum.

Think about partnering with other local businesses—such as a restaurant, spa, hair salon, coffee shop and/or retail store—who likely will donate an item or gift card. That small business will capitalize on gaining a new customer and the additional marketing exposure you’ll be generating through your holiday marketing campaign.

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