November 10, 2020 11 AM ET

In the beginning of the pandemic, programs abounded as to how the courts would address force majeure issues based on COVID-19. Now, some eight months in, please join Steve Richman of Clark Hill Princeton for a roundtable discussion with audience participation on how the courts have responded to cases involving COVID-19 and force majeure.

Topics discussed will include:
• How courts have been dealing with COVID-19 and government lockdowns in analyzing force majeure issues.
• How to address enforcement or termination of a contract in view of force majeure issues, short of litigation.
• A checklist of frequently asked questions and points around force majeure and COVID-19 for future use.

General counsels, in house counsels, and C-suite professionals internationally, especially in the transportation, real estate, and hospitality industries, will walk away with a better understanding of how to handle force majeure.

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