Sept. 13 Program Hosted by the YWCA Princeton’s Breast Cancer Resource Center and Eating for Your Health

PRINCETON, N.J. – September 7, 2022 –free interactive webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 13, from Eating for Your Health and the YWCA Princeton’s Breast Cancer Resource Center will show how specific foods and food compounds can be beneficial to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the second-most diagnosed cancer among New Jersey women.

The one-hour webinar, beginning at 7 p.m. EST, will explain why eating foods rich in anti-inflammatory compounds is critical after a breast cancer diagnosis. The program will be delivered by Dr. Adi Benito, Eating for Your Health’s chief medical advisor and endocrinologist board-certified in diabetes, metabolism and endocrinology.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up. For New Jersey, which averages more than 7,000 breast cancer diagnoses and more than 1,300 deaths from breast cancer every year, it’s a critical time to generate more awareness about how to reduce the impact of this illness with nutrition,” said Marion Reinson, the executive director of Eating for Your Health, based in Princeton, N.J. “This webinar will emphasize a core value at Eating for Your Health: that no two journeys to better health are the same. The right foods that make you feel better may differ significantly from patient to patient, and that’s equally true for breast cancer patients.”

In addition to discussing concerns about sugar consumption and the benefits of mushrooms, Dr. Benito will discuss the benefits of soy, flax seeds, fats and fiber for breast cancer patients. She will also touch on the promising effects of vegetables in the cruciferous family like kale, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Furthermore, this webinar, titled “Nutrition After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Prevention through Food,” will examine:

  • How to eat well through cancer treatment.
  • Effective ways to manage side effects.
  • The best nutrition for post-treatment.
  • How to navigate current nutrition trends in breast cancer care.

The Sept. 13 program is the first in a series of six programs being delivered in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Resource Center over the next year. Since July, the organization has collaborated with students from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University on a study exploring how wholesome breakfast foods, sans processed ingredients, provide more energy and fewer cravings. The group has also collaborated with Central Jersey’s Dress for Success. Work is also in progress to bring similar in-person and remote webinars to other organizations, including a nonprofit that helps provide housing relief to lower-income residents, a women’s health organization and a 55-and-over community.

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About Eating for Your Health

Eating for Your Health by Suppers is a nonprofit 501c3 organization based in Princeton, New Jersey, that provides a supportive, non-judgmental learning environment where people can discover a way of cooking and eating that improves and sustains optimal health. The organization connects an ecosystem of medical and healthcare practitioners, community partners, chefs and farmers with people seeking resources and support for a healthy lifestyle through in-person and virtual programming.

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