Golf Instruction Made Simple Alan Martin, Thumbs Down Golf Email:, Phone: 609-577-0212 Lunch and Learn Outline It’s a lot more than just golf instruction. Place: Cranbury Golf Club, West Windsor Approximate Cost / Time: $20 per 1-hour session Schedule: It’s being offered throughout the year on an on-going basis. To try and accommodate people’s busy schedules, Wednesday or Thursday, monthly or bi-weekly, during the lunch hour (12:00) or late-lunch (3:00) timeframe. Target audience: Beginners. Business professionals (women and men) that never played the game before and want an environment to get started that’s simple, enjoyable, affordable, low pressure, effective, and good for their business. Novice golfers. Business professionals that have played before on a course or Topgolf, hit balls at a driving range or played miniature golf. My goal is to give you a solid foundation based on the important fundamentals to get started and improve upon. Equally important, I’ll share my experiences and enthusiasm, in an effort to help you endure the frustrating times and keep you on track to playing and enjoying golf throughout your lifetime. Trust me it’s worth it. Experienced golfers. Serious business professionals that want to improve …with a passion. Also on the agenda: Golf etiquette, rules and key do’s and don’ts on the golf course. How-to Turn Golf Into Business. You don’t have to be good or even play the game at all to capitalize on the POWER and POPULARITY of golf, to maximize your business success. Take advantage of the POWERFUL golf / business connection. Networking. A great opportunity to meet a small group of fellow chamber members in relaxed setting (and the food it good). * The agenda is user driven based on audience requests **This is NOT a Chamber sponsored event

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