How to Prepare for a Video Shoot with CaddisArt

Important Information, Tips and Tricks to Know Before your Shoot with CaddisArt

First, congratulations on your shoot with CaddisArt! Our team of professionals will make you feel comfortable, cater to your needs and help explain a lot of details during your shoot so you’re comfortable and in-the-know. It’s important to us that we capture you in the very best light and spotlight you on what you or your company can can offer. Although many or our tactics and styles are similar to other production companies, there are some differences in the way we do things. In either case, here are some great things for you to bring to your shoot.

Watch Other Interviews
The best way to get an idea of how the interviews work, don’t be afraid to look at documentaries, commercials, testimonials, etc., to see what others do. Look at their smile, eye contact, posture, clothing. Look at everything you can. That’ll be you soon.

Turn Off Your Phone (Vibrate too!)
It’s important that your phone notifications be completely off. This includes vibrate mode. Our audio engineers can hear everything. If you’re on a roll into a conversation and that pesky device goes off, we have to re-take the scene.

Make Yourself Comfortable
You find yourself sitting in a chair with lights and cameras all around you. The lights are bright, there are staff members moving around all over the place. We understand it can be daunting to be the center of attention during your interview. There’s a woman approaching your with face powder and other implements. People are placing their hands between the lights and your face to check for shadows. It’s a hustle and bustle.

You’re nervous. If this is your first time being in front of a camera, you’re even more nervous.

Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and take a deep breath. You’ve got this. Have conversations with those around you. Ask questions. You can even ask to do a test run with the teleprompter operator. These are all great ways to help calm your nerves. Heck, even we get nervous in front of the cameras. It’s very natural. Have a conversation with the person that’s conducting the interview with you. Whether they are in front of the camera with you or sitting next to a camera (off-frame), feel free to open up a dialog even if it’s silly.

Let’s Show Off Your Posture
If you’re sitting in a chair, push your posterior to the back of the chair that you’re sitting in. This will naturally give you a better posture. This will also give the cameramen time to adjust the height of the camera. It also makes you look more authoritative especially since you’re going to be speaking on a subject that you’re professionally known for. It’s your moment to shine. If you feel yourself sinking, remember just to keep your posture upright.

Knowing What to Wear
Knowing what to wear is important, but knowing what not to wear might be even more crucial. Flamboyant prints and noisy jewelry can be distracting during an interview and take away from your message. Stick to solids (pastels and bright colors) and keep makeup and skincare simple with a matte finish to avoid camera shine. We offer assistance for men with our makeup artist to apply powder to your face.

Watch Your Microphone(s)
Depending on how we use microphones in the scene, you may find yourself wearing a Lavaliere Microphone on your lapel or tie. It’s important that you don’t brush up against it or accidentally touch it. Also, dangling jewelry or wrist wear can cause unnecessary noise that is sometimes difficult to fix in post production. Your best bet would be to avoid it all together. If we hear it, we’ll have to cut scene and start again. If you’re not wearing a Lavaliere Microphone, we may have boom microphones above your head. Please be mindful of these when getting up or sitting down in order to avoid injury.

Speaking Clearly with Enthusiasm
The way you speak on camera is a direct reflection of how people perceive you. Be energetic, excited and avoid speaking in run-on sentences and Jargon that people may not understand. Avoid up-speaking (ending your statements in a higher inquisitive tone) as it can lead to confusion.

Avoiding ‘Ums’ and ‘you knows’ in your sentence structure is important. Try to practice inserting pauses if you’re trying to form the correct sentiment.
About CaddisArt, Cinematic Marketing
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How to Prepare for a Video Shoot with CaddisArt