J&M Marketing Communications Demystifies SEO

J&M Marketing Communications Demystifies SEO

The success of your website, one of your most important new business tools, depends on two crucial issues.
1. Your website’s ability to provide viewers with information they are looking for quickly.
2. Your own ability to direct people to your website.


Today, SEO is considered to have four elements or components:
· Technical – Is it up to speed, mobily optimized, etc.? Don’t worry about this, if your site was developed by a professional
· Website content – Does it appeal to viewers?
· Organic or on-site SEO – Items like keywords.
· Off-site SEO.

SEO can be confusing because people throw around jargon that sounds like alphabet soup.

Essentially, SEO is anything you do to entice Google robots to send viewers to your website. That could even be print ads. Or handing out your business cards at chamber lunches. Hopefully, some recipients will check your website. Google robots definitely tally up your website visitors.

We at J&M Marketing Communications focuses on website content and on-site SEO. We use cutting edge software that puts our clients on a level playing field with the top companies in their industries. It is demanding work to make sure trending keywords are an integral part of your website, not interlopers forced into place. But Google and viewers notice when copy flows gracefully, and that makes the effort worth it.
How often should you update your keywords? Maisha Walker of Message Medium, a 20-year-old SEO firm, recommends doing that once a year. Not only do trends change, but bathtubs can become freestanding tubs and jeans can become plaid slacks. A keyword analysis tells our clients what product or service to move off the back shelves and up to featuring on keywords.

Off-site SEO. Here the big consideration is not to let it sprawl out of your control. Savvy companies often limit themselves to two social media platforms. PR, that longtime awareness- and event-attendance-building staple, works well in the internet world. On the other hand, the newer programmatic ads can be confusing. Just exactly who are these ads reaching? Many are geographically targeted. Others may run on online magazines and then be retargeted off the magazine. When you talk to someone who is selling online advertising, be sure you understand what you are paying for and what reports you will be getting. In fact, that’s recommended for all SEO. One development director didn’t realize that she was paying for her growing number of Facebook friends. But the SEO company’s monthly report clearly stated “Paid Facebook friends.”

And don’t forget off-site SEO like Google Ads and a Google My Business page with tempting photos.

Use SEO to drive visitors to your website. And remember, they want clear content and quick access to information. That’s where we come in. J&M Marketing Communications is known for creating websites that tell viewers what they want to hear, quickly.