June 28, 2019 Share

J&M Marketing Communications launches new website for Muirhead Foods

Muirhead’s Spiced Apple Butter on oatmeal

Muirhead is known for its modern takes on comfort food like fruit butters. Their award-winning Pecan Pumpkin Butter is found in national specialty food shops throughout the holiday season. Other fruit butters like Cinnamon Apple Butter and Spiced Apple Butter can be found in local farm markets throughout the year. Although a trip to a farm market or specialty food store is always fun, Barbara Simpson, who runs Muirhead spends a lot of her time filling online orders.

Therefore, her new website created by J&M features food photography, an easy order section, and, a must for food websites, lots of recipes. Many of those recipes are easy-to-fix snacks and appetizers using Muirhead’s fruit butters and jalapeno jellies. The tangy jellies make great party appetizers.

This website is an update from an earlier website we did for Muirhead, (You have to stay current.) So, we used some of the successful pages from the previous website. The favorite recipes all stayed as did the engaging story of Barbara’s parents who started Muirhead as a restaurant. But soon her father began to get requests for his salad dressing and he mixed up a few bottles for diners to take home.
Gradually, Barbara’s parents merged their restaurant into a specialty food business. And Barbara has followed their footsteps. She’s moved Muirhead to Trenton, put out a big awning, and made a commitment to that urban community.

J&M has also worked with Muirhead to drive viewers to her website, because, as everyone knows, websites are not an extremely visible medium. Besides filling her website with keywords and other organic search tools, we’ve created a presence for Muirhead in Google Ads. I believe that Googe’s latest version of ads is their best yet. It’s been exciting to watch Muirhead’s steady growth in awareness, click throughs and orders.