J&M Marketing Communications Launches Wellness Website

Late Fall 2019: Angela Knott, a Certified Personal Trainer, decided to become an entrepreneur and turned to J&M to create a website that would reach a focused market. Angela wanted to improve the physical fitness of adults over 50, which was great positioning on her part. This is not only a growing market, but a market that is, on the whole, at least a little out of shape. What’s more, these folks are aware they need to improve fitness and flexibility.

J&M dug into the story of AK Fit and Well, Angela’s company to find its unique selling proposition and develop a solid strategy that would focus on what her prospects wanted to hear and know about her. That’s what we do. In addition, we applied cutting edge software to develop keywords that would increase her presence on Google.

AK Fit and Well’s focus on people over 50 became the heart of the website. Everything from the home page to Angela’s blog reflected that message. Every keyword reiterated that message.
This kind of focus is what major New York ad agencies provide their clients who spend millions in advertising. New York ad agencies do this because it is effective. J&M does this because we were trained at major New York ad agencies. We’ve seen it work for our clients.

Take a look at websites done by major ad agencies. Even for corporations that want to show lots of products, there is always a focus. With a car company like Ford, it’s likely to be their best-selling truck, the F-150. So, if the viewer clicks away, she still remembers a specific image, something she’ll focus on.
And that’s something you want when a potential client is looking at your website along with others that belong in your category.
Getting your unique selling proposition in focus is what we take pride in doing at J&M Marketing Communications. That’s the strongest way to tell your story.