J&M Marketing Communications Lists Three Sure Ways to Drive People to Your Website

J&M Marketing Communications Lists Three Sure Ways to Drive People to Your Website

An ad about a doctor who focus on you brings in new patients.

Your website is the heart of your marketing, but you need to send people to it. Here are three of the ways J&M has been successful sending people to our clients’ websites.

Email. It’s not glamorous, but it is hardworking. Research shows that people will open email as often as once a day from a company they like. If you put a savings offer in the subject line, you can expect to get up to a 90% open rate. And that’s a great response.

Next comes social media, probably what many business people think of first when they consider driving people they want to do business with to their website. The most popular social media platforms for your business are probably Facebook, Instagram (both owned by Facebook) Google Ads and YouTube (both owned by Google), and Pinterest, which is number 2 after Facebook in sending prospects to your website.

Pinterest’s record in driving people to websites is an important reason we’re using Pinterest for our client Jeffersonbathandkitchen.com. Pinterest viewers, like most people respond positively to quality creative. That’s why our pedestal sink pin that you see here is one of Jefferson’s successful pins.

A stunning product with a tip where to use it makes a great pin.

A critical point about social media is not to overextend yourself. Colleagues at a very successful direct- to-consumer company in Pennsylvania always do an investment check before they venture onto a new social media platform. How much money and time will it take to create followers on a new platform? Is that result worth the investment?

The third surefire way to drive people to your website is digital advertising, where J&M has been very successful. J&M recently ran some digital ads for a doctor. The first month, the ads brought in a record-breaking 196 new patients. The second month, the ads broke that record with 244 new patients. We’re very proud of that work for our client.

With digital advertising you are targeting people based on where they live, how much money they make, and what their interests are. These ads are so targeted that they tend to be expensive. Yet many advertisers are not successful because they are sending the wrong message. This is where the right words and the right visuals really matter. And where a creative based ad agency like J&M can help you.

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