J&M Marketing Communications Looks at Stock Photography vs Original Photography. Sure Ways to Drive People to Your Website.

Make stock photos specific. Avoid generic, such as peaceful waters.

Spoiler: It’s hard to make stock photography fresh and exciting. We’ve all seen photos of peaceful meadows, peaceful waters, and peaceful people gazing at water or meadows. Too much! Stock photos are generic, so they don’t deliver specifics about what you do. So, viewers ignore them. Generic photos don’t add value to your story.

We’ve made stock photos attention-getting by making them unexpected. The woman on this page was probably intended as a generic photo of someone trendy, but she illustrated a relatively common problem on a J&M website for a gynecologist. And viewers took notice, responding positively to the creativity. The point is to make the stock photo add a dimension to your story. Give the viewer an “Oh, I get it.” moment. Cause viewers to think about your company in ways they hadn’t before.

It’s easier to add dimension to your story with original photography. But, make sure your web designer or marketing firm hires a photographer who enhances your story. If you’re selling products, you want a photographer who knows how to light objects whether they are chrome, or glass or fabric. If you’re law firm or doctor’s office, please get a people photographer. You don’t want your professionals to look like wanted posters. And, that happens all too often.

When a J&M uses original photography, we always attend the photo shoot. And we have someone, usually me, checking the client-approved website design on paper. That way something doesn’t get missed. Photo shoots are fast-paced and exciting. With everything swirling around and people concentrating on the photo itself, it’s easy to forget how a photo fits in the website itself. That’s why I’m there.

Photo shoots take preparation before and after. Our designs will show the lighting, colors, and clothing we recommend. The photography for AK Fit and Well is bright and upbeat.
The conclusion: Stock photos and original photography can both be effective. But they need the creativity of J&M – or J&M itself – to work hard in your website.