J&M Marketing Communications Shares Latest Email Data

To write or not to write.

If you ask our client whose monthly emails always bring in orders, she’ll say devoting a few hours a month to email is a no brainer.

What about the people you want to reach? An impressive number of them say they are more likely to purchase from a company that sends out consistent, relevant email. Likely-to-purchase numbers are:

82% from Gen Z (the younger generation coming up after millennials),
77% from millennials
75% from Gen X
72% from boomers. (Source AdWeek. Data was compiled by WP Engine and The Center for Generational Kinetics.)

What makes your email consistent? You can send really, really relevant content once a day, according to Maisha Walker of Message Medium. She’s right, I read Vogue’s emails every day. (It’s good to know what I’m supposed to be wearing, even if I can’t afford it.)
But the critical words are “relevant content.” Every age group thought that being informed was more important than being entertained. Those numbers:

74% information in gen Z
78% information among millennials
92% information from both gen X and boomers. The older crowd doesn’t fool around.

So, dig deeply into your prospective clients and patients wants, needs, and concerns. Address those issues head on. Tell the people you want to do business with that you sincerely relate to their issues.

AdWeek lists one overarching concern. Buyers want quality. You provide quality or you wouldn’t be in the Princeton Mercer Chamber.

The above numbers show that people understand they will benefit from the information you provide, the knowledge you can share. Do just that in your emails.

And if you want your websites to be just as informative, which you should, please get in touch with Maggie at J&M Marketing Communications

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