kapuPatel Photography launches the Teen Campaign as part of The YouShine Movement

Gallery Reception

The YouShine Movement Presents: “Inner & Outer Beauty – A Teen Perspective”
By kapuPatel Photography

“What makes you one of a kind beautiful?”
Twelve teen participants (boys and girls) who believe in the power of inner beauty as much as outer shine were selected based on their response to the above question. Each of them had a powerful message of self-awareness and self-love. The selected participants then took part in a round table discussion and were photographed for the Teen Campaign.
The powerful message of The YouShine Movement was shared in a gallery exhibit on March 10th, 2017. The exhibit was attended by over 50 local supporters and was well received by the community.
To quote one of the participants: “We start our lives in “observe and mimic” mode. We gain acceptance through conformity. In the past few years, I have grown stronger in my conviction that if we are willing to risk being seen as “abnormal”, we can break through arbitrary limits and create a “new normal” for ourselves. One that is truly reflective of who we are.”

Detailed video of the round table discussion of the campaign can be seen at

The studio is currently seeking gallery space in local corporations or businesses for short-term exhibits. If your company has a gallery space and would like to support this campaign, please contact Kapu at 6099338361.

The Teen Campaign 2019 is a part of The YouShine Movement by KapuPatel Photography. It is a project that seeks to exhibit beauty as freedom from indulgent labels, the armor of make-up and the pre-conceived notions of symmetry and color tones. It urges us all as individuals and as a society at large, to liberate ourselves and others from feature shaming, body shaming and color shaming. It is a movement of self-love and self-acceptance with all our perfect imperfections. Kapu’s vision is to take this movement far and wide to inspire and touch as many individuals as she can..
We are grateful to nrg Energy, Tiger Labs, Gunnar Productions, Dr. Joan Coleman and Ayami Yamamichi for their support in this campaign.
Kapu Patel is a NJ/NY/PA/Boston based portrait photographer who believes in empowering people through portraits. For complete details and portfolio: