Level Up: Sharpening your Negotiation Skills

Level Up: Sharpening your Negotiation Skills

Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 11:00 AM 

We all need to negotiate, on an everyday basis, whether it’s a maximizing a client deal, a promotion, or in your personal life. In this second installment of Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills we will help you ‘level up’ your ability to create win-win agreements in your personal and professional life. Led by Jenn Willey, DPAA’s subject matter expert and CEO of Wet-Cement, you will further apply and reinforce the approaches, insights and actions you’ve already learned. After a quick review you will learn next level strategies and skills including:

  • Creative Concessions
  • Advanced Anchoring Strategies
  • Gain vs. Loss Framing
  • Log Rolling: Interactive Media Exercise

You’ll be able to participate in virtual group exercises with other participants, and ask questions about your strategy, now that you’ve had time to define your approach, role play and practice. Join us for this special “Level Up Your Negotiation Skills” bonus webinar to help you more fearlessly pursue what matters to you.

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