Mending Real Estate with Creative Marketing Tech

You Don’t Have to be a Tech Genius to Make Real Estate Marketing Work for your Real Estate Adventure

Welcome to what we hope is a great way for you to understand the marketing efforts needed by real estate professionals and contractors that to want to spread ideas and tips to make their real estate efforts noticed. 

CaddisArt, Inc. is a full-service digital production facility with the means for web development, graphics, video production, digital signage and much more. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and have worked with a very wide spectrum of Real Estate Agents from house-flippers to high end commercial real estate developers. We’re no strangers to the wants and needs of this very competitive market. 

With that being said, I was happy when a company named “ClickAHouse” came to CaddisArt for solutions that we could provide. Once we sat down with Brad from ClickAHouse and discussed the details of what they were doing and what they were paying, it occurred to me that they were paying far too much for far too little. 

ClickAHouse had been paying for two or three high-end web services with little means to put the abilities of these services to use. The technical aspect of these services was a far more involved than any real estate professional should ever have to endure. Add in the steep learning curve and you’ve got a recipe for wasted money and undesirable results. A disaster in our marketing playbook. 

What real estate agent could possibly spend that much time on marketing tech when they can be out crafting their trade?

What ClickAHouse needed was a provider that was available for instant phone calls, answers and creative ideas. When our first meeting had concluded, we had planned to build a new web presence, build an ad-hoc vlogging studio and someone to grab video gear to follow the agent around house walkthroughs to capture the first impressions of the house, agent or buyer. 

Brad “T” Tomaziefski, owner of ClickAHouse

In addition, our experience with search engine optimization and crafting a three-part website that would provide information that people were actually looking for was the perfect marriage with video roundtable discussions to create fresh content that is like no other. We introduced some of these ideas and ClickAHouse was they were very receptive to not only try these new ideas, but putting them into action. 

I met Brad “T” Tomaziefski while working as a subcontractor at Re/Max some years ago. What drew me to Brad was his friendliness, his attention to his clients and most of all, his humor. He’s perhaps one of the most entertaining real estate agents I’ve ever met. He’s also a pleasure to work with. There’s no reason why his marketing tech should be hard to accomplish knowing he’s full of great puns, fresh content and solutions to the competitive nature of his business. In fact, we may have to calm him down a little bit. He loves his business and it shows. 

As we are currently working on rebuilding his website, we have plans to have Brad bring his ideas to our studio to sit down in front of video cameras with our team and his guests to discuss what makes him the obvious choice for our creative ideas and adventures to grow his business to new heights. 

If you’ve ever watched a popular “You-Tuber” and the way they keep users coming back to see more videos, you’ll understand where we’re going with this. Once we establish a respectable following, our intentions are to create a documentary series for Amazon Prime Video® and Roku® to bring a different perspective to real estate that appeals to all audiences – right to their living rooms. 

As an example, you don’t have to be a technical person to enjoy the likes of Linus Tech Tips, a technical channel that caters to both the geeks and non-geeks of mobile phones, computing, gaming and product reviews. Linus Sebastian has taken a simple idea and created a multi-million dollar business adventure that keeps growing beyond our mental capacity, leaving most people scratching their heads. What makes him so special? Let’s just say, he’s very entertaining. 

This is what we see in Brad Tomaziefski, or Brad “T” for short – because we still can’t pronounce his name correctly 😉

It is a pleasure and an honor to work with ClickAHouse, and we’re very anxious to show you what we bringing your way. We’re going to make real estate both educational and entertaining for the contractors, the buyers, the sellers and just about anyone with interest in this highly-competitive marketplace. is currently under development whereas the old website is still in it’s place. We’ll have a formal announcement once the site is ready. 

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