CaddisArt Digital Media Studios and The Roebling Museum Collaborate to Produce Mercer Automobile Documentary

A 1911 Mercer Raceabout. Photo courtesy of Tim Kuser.

ROEBLING, NJ – (October 24, 2019) – After several preproduction meetings about content, demographics and story-line, CaddisArt, along with a team of producers has begun the complex task of assembling a documentary about the history and magic of the Mercer Automobile. 

Mercer was an American automobile manufacturer from 1909 until 1925. It was notable for its high-performance cars, especially the Type 35 Raceabout.  There was considerable talent and backing for the Mercer Automobile Company; Ferdinand Roebling, son of John A. Roebling, was the president, and his nephew Washington A. Roebling II was the general manager. The Roeblings had extensive success with wire rope manufacturing and suspension bridge design; engineering was not a recent concept for them. The secretary-treasurer was John L. Kuser, who, with his brothers Frederick and Anthony, had amassed a fortune from banking, bottling and brewing.

The Roebling Museum and the descendants of the Roebling, Kuser and other families have generously helped form the project and provided many avenues for research and time lines. Since most of the descendants hold the keys to provide every needed detail about the story line, CaddisArt can concentrate purely on the professionalism of the film, interviews, animations and production values. 

Robert Blanda of CaddisArt, Inc. filming interviews

“Details about the interviews and subject matter of the documentary will hopefully be released by early January.” said Robert Blanda, Creative Director of CaddisArt’s Media Production Facility. He continued by stating, “It would be premature to tell you that we’re going to use everything we filmed so far. There’s a lot of history behind this subject and we’ve got the most knowledgeable and notable historians about Mercer Automobiles at our disposal. We’re just not ready to release key information yet.”

Robert declined to speak about the on-screen talent, adding, “I’m not going to answer any questions about the participants until we have the final green light to begin marketing and promotion. Even though we already began cutting unnecessary segments out of the interviews, you’ll be excited when you see who’s in the film.”  

CaddisArt, Inc. will also be assisting with the marketing and distribution of the film in hopes to reach either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video through an external distribution company. Backup platforms such as Roku and Speck are already being considered. The future hopes of a followup film has also been discussed.

U.K. Musician, Amy Turk, has graciously offered to donate music to the project based on copyright availability, adding another dimension of warmth to the film. Additional musicians have also expressed interest in the project to assist with the audio bed of the production.

While some interviews were already filmed, it’s expected that there will be more filming and narrative recording before the fine details of the final story line is developed. 

CaddisArt, Inc. is a proud sustaining sponsor of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber. The Roebling Museum is a nonprofit member of the Chamber.


About CaddisArt, Inc. 
CaddisArt, Inc. is a digital media, marketing and film making corporation with strong roots in information technology infrastructure and creative content development. With ties to several partnering companies, their materials and productions have become the forefront of standards in the industry. With offices in Roebling and Atco, New Jersey, their services reach across the nation with customers as far as Oregon, Texas and Southern California. 

About the Roebling Museum
The mission of the Roebling Museum is to document, preserve and exhibit the history of the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company, the Roebling family and the village of Roebling. Its focus is not only on the industrial and technological achievements of the company but on the unique social history of its workforce and the town it created. The Museum bridges a storied past to the present by providing exhibits and programs directed at the interests of the worldwide public while also serving as a valuable resource for school curriculum enhancement programs and academic research.