Viewers always appreciate a little humor.

Website developer, J&M Marketing Communications, is committed to making their clients’ websites the strongest in their categories. The N.C. Jefferson website embodies two hallmarks of J&M.

1. Quick access to information for Jefferson’s customers.

2. Strong, clear story of N.C. Jefferson. The Jefferson story was told through old friends and long time customers, and former schoolmates. “I’ve known Bruce for a hundred years,” said one. The plumbing company’s strategy of building relationship through good service was clear to viewers.

The website also recognizes that after sheltering in place for more than two months, businesses are opening up physically, while seeing growth potential on the internet. Many companies that are looking for their websites to bring more business. But many companies are ignoring neglecting critical details. Contact forms or order forms often don’t work with the rest of the site. You’ll see offers in emails or on the home page that are hard to find on the site. Forms turn a viewing experience into a buying experience. If you have an order form on your website, make sure it makes it easy for viewers to do what you want them to.

Viewers appreciate a family story.

With the N.C. Jefferson website, the client wanted to use a contact form. We made it a simple page that would accept both general questions and requests for specific help. We provided a response, so the viewer knew that their request was received. We talked with Jeffersons about their response time. Too often viewers send in contact forms and never hear back. This is not good. N.C. Jefferson felt they could get back to customers in 24-hours. And that’s what the website commits to.
When J&M creates a website, we always use cutting edge technology to develop keywords. If your keywords have not been updated in a year or more, this is an ideal time to do it. Today, at J&M we offer keyword SEO as separate one-and-done service.

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