One Simple Wish – $150,000 ‘Experience Wish Fund’ Challenge

Yes, you read that correctly. $150,000 in wishes!

A few months ago we were contacted by the Salah Foundation and they told us they love what we’re all about – spreading love, hope and joy to kids impacted by the trauma of foster care. In fact, they love it so much, they want to help us spread even more happiness! They want to give more young people the oppor

Kristen Bell has pledged to match gifts to One Simple Wish

tunity to explore their passions, build their skills, and see and do things they’ve always dreamed of. They challenged us to raise $75,000 to create a super, amazing, life-changing, joy-filled ‘Experience Wish Fund’ which will make tons of inspiring wishes come true. And, if we can do it by October 15, they will match it dollar for dollar! That means $150,000 in wishes! Think airplane trips, music lessons, college courses, amusement park passes, sibling get-togethers and so much more.

Over this weekend, Kristen Bell has offered to match our matching opportunity, which means new gifts will be QUADRUPLED!

This is where you come in!

These have to be “new gifts” meaning they can’t come from wishes granted or already-promised donations. So in order for this to count, you have to donate right here, using the donate button on this page or by mail at:

One Simple Wish
1977 N Olden Ave #292
Trenton, NJ 08618
ATTN: Experience Wish Fund Challenge