Over 100 women participated in our headshot sponsorship at the NJ Conference for Women

Over a hundred women got a taste of professional headshots offered by kapuPatel Photography at the NJ Conference for Women.

Photo Courtesy: Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce

Why should you get a professional headshot?

More people decide to engage with you based on your online profile than ever before. Your headshot is the first impression of you. It impresses upon the audience your competency, trustworthiness and likeability

A study published in the journal Psychological Science by Princeton professor, Alexander Todorov, author of the book, Face Value: The Irresistible Influence of First Impressions suggests we judge new faces online after only 100 milliseconds, literally shorter than a blink of an eye. We form impressions very quickly, effortlessly and immediately. Looking at the image longer actually increases the confidence in the perceptions we form.

Your headshot should depend on the specific context and it should fit in with your objective. For example, smiling conveys trustworthiness. But your smile should be genuine and authentic otherwise we can look like botoxed caricatures. If you are on a speaker circuit, it is important to have a few images in your folio that show more than your head and shoulders. Your body language also speaks about your competence and expertise.

With all this in mind and so much more, we wanted to offer the attendees of the NJ Conference for Women a taste of what a professional headshot experience is like
While we were scheduled to fit in 36 women that day, we quickly realized that the demand was far higher. By the time the conference ended we were able to create headshots for over a 100 women. We cannot wait to share the portraits with these women.

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