Passport Health Offering Covid 19 Testing and On-site Flu Clinics

Passport Health Nurses Testing for Covid 19

Passport Health-Travel Medicine of NJ/PA offers individuals drive up Covid 19 testing at our Morristown location parking lot. This respiratory test detects over 40 pathogens to include Covid 19 and the flu. Since symptoms are often similar, this test provides confirmation and is covered by both private insurance and Medicare. Test results are available within 36 hours. Testing is done by inserting a swab into the nostril. Appointments can be made by calling (732) 345-0029 or visiting

Passport Health is also offering antibody testing at five of our eleven offices (Shrewsbury NJ, Morristown NJ, Lawrenceville NJ, Philadelphia PA and Warrington PA). This test is performed as a blood draw and is conducted in the office. Test results are available between 2-3 business days. The test confirms the presence of antibodies to the Covid 19 virus. It is covered by insurance. For larger businesses and civic organizations, Passport Health will offer an on-site antibody testing service.

Passport Health offers businesses an on-site symptom screening program. Nurses travel to businesses to screen for Covid 19 symptoms. They take temperatures, question exposures and evaluate symptoms. This program was designed to keep workforces operational by identifying at risk employees who are displaying Covid 19 symptoms. Screening programs and testing programs have been highlighted in the governor’s plans as important measures necessary to reopen the economy.

Passport Health offers on-site corporate flu clinics. Nurses travel to businesses to vaccinate for the flu. The CDC warns that there is potential for a second wave of Covid 19 to arrive around flu season. Both the flu and Covid 19 present respiratory challenges and all guidance has been to ensure employees secure a flu shot. This would provide the best protection against developing additional complications from potential Covid 19 exposure.

Passport Health offers all adult and pediatric vaccines. They conduct immigration physicals, business credentialing, cloud based vaccine registries, travel insurance and expedite Visas and Passports. Our nurses are expert vaccinators. They provide personalized travel counseling aimed at protecting business travelers, vacationers and religious groups as they travel around the world.

The government has turned to Passport Health at times of need. Whether it be the smallpox outbreak, N1H1, SARS, Anthrax or just as a distribution point for difficult to secure vaccines (ex. Yellow Fever). When a Covid 19 vaccine is commercially available, there is no doubt we will be a key factor in the distribution chain. We have over 300 locations from coast to coast, and also have offices in Canada and London.

Protecting people is our mission. We are here to help keep you safe, whether that be by administering a vaccine, educating about a travel risk or navigating through the new world Covid 19 has created. Stay safe everyone.