February 4, 2020 Share

PDC adds Urban Design Services

John Conroy – Principal and Founder

Princeton Design Collaborative (PDC) is proud to announce the addition of Urban Design to their selection of services. Urban Design services will be led by PDC’s founder, John Conroy. John has a master’s from Syracuse University in Architecture & Urban Design, and has collaborated on numerous local, national and international projects for over 25 years.

On January 30, 2020 at Central New Jersey’s largest Real Estate Summit for 2020 held by the Princeton Mercer Chamber, it was stated by multiple speakers that New Jersey’s population are migrating to walkable communities. These communities offer live, work and play lifestyles without the need of the automobile. This is currently happening with all age sectors, from young couples starting families (19 -34-year old, America’s largest demographic) to older generations who are looking to downsize from the traditional suburbs to a healthier walkable community.

John’s design for Central Square in Vladivostok, in association with RMJM

This trend creates the necessity for evaluating our cities, towns and hamlets to minimize dependency on the automobile and offer the ease of walking, bicycling and using public transit for everyday activities. PDC can assist towns to enhance their planning initiatives as well as work with developers who want to achieve successful projects in urban settings within fashionable towns with this mind set of densification at their established town center.

PDC’s collaborative nature creates the prefect partner when working with communities on enhancing their surroundings. Whether you are a public entity or a private developer, PDC can assist you in achieving a highly successful project with sustainability leading the way.