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PK Capital Funding presents free Structured Settlement consultation – How You Can Save Money When Selling Real Estate

We will talk with you about how a Structured Settlement can be used with or INSTEAD of a 1031 Exchange thus allowing for greater Flex-ability.

How borrowers can use Mortgage Brokers rather than go direct to lenders.

A Structured Sale can be a valuable strategic resource for the Sale of:
Commercial Real Estate, Investment Properties, and Businesses.


Advantages of a Structured Sale which is a blend of an installment sale and a guaranteed payment stream…
• Taxes are not payable until the year payments are received
*Guaranteed rate of return.
• The stream of payments is flexible in design.
• Protection from future insolvency of the buyer.
• Low-risk foundation for a diversified investment portfolio.

A Structured Sale is a type of installment sale that provides the seller with a guaranteed payment stream from an assignment company.
Today, many people are selling businesses, residential real estate and commercial real estate from 1 Million and up at record levels and setting up retirement funds with the proceeds.
Paying tax on the sale of the appreciated property later is better than paying it today. How can one delay the tax bill?
Free consultation!

If you did buy or flip any properties for the last 5 years, you can:
#1 Buy another property to fix and flip no income verification, only with 10%down, and 100% for rehabbing.
#2 Credit score from 600 and up.
#3 Interest rate from 6.75% and up(deal by deal),interest-only for 12 months.
#4 No upfront fee (appraisal only)
#5 Fast closing.

Why Most Borrowers Should Use Mortgage Brokers…

Here are the top 5 reasons borrowers should utilize mortgage brokers rather than go direct to lenders:

1. The borrower does not know most loan offerings, which loan his property qualifies for, or the best loan for their circumstances. A mortgage professional will know the best financing for his situation.

2. Many borrowers will waste 6 months or more applying for loans they don’t qualify for. A mortgage broker will be able to determine quickly where they have the best chance of obtaining financing.

3. If the borrower needs immediate financing the mortgage broker may be able to obtain bridge financing.

4. A mortgage broker will put together a professional loan package that increases his chances for a loan in the least possible time.

5. A mortgage broker will assist the borrower in analyzing loan offers and choosing the one most beneficial.
6. By working with us, you will get a free no-obligation consultation and you will get better equipped to get the financing you need – with no upfront fee.

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