Planning and Building a Lead-Generating Website

Planning and Building a Lead-Generating Website

Live Webinar: Thursday, April 30th at 11am

If possible, now is a great time to work on your brand and a website is a major component!

Your website works a 24/7 shift, providing customers with information about your brand and helping to close new business. Often, your site is the only thing a prospective customer compares between you and your competitors before making a buying decision. Your site’s user experience will make or break its effectiveness; and how it’s actually built will make or break your ability to manage content, keep the site secure, and keep it up and running with minimal downtime.

This webinar will review our key steps to creating (or updating) a website that works hard for your organization. Topics will include:

Outline and structure planning.
User experience and design.
Choosing the right technology (and developer).
Content planning for maximum engagement.
Opportunities for lead-generation functionality.
Our tips and tricks from over 15 years of website design, writing, and marketing experience will help you plan, or redesign, a website that generates and captures leads, and helps nurture them into lifelong clients.

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