Positioning: Win the hearts, minds, wallets and loyalty of customers

Join Tom McManimon in a webinar on Brand Positioning

Win the hearts, minds, wallets and loyalty of customers.
Join Tom McManimon presenting on the value and importance of BRAND POSITIONING to your overall brand marketing efforts.

Thursday, July 16th, 12 noon to 1pm. Eastern time.

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Thursday, July 16th 12 noon -1pm

With Covid-19, and its effect on our economy, changing the marketing and advertising landscapes, companies are turning heavily to digital and social media to inform, sell, and fight for visibility. It is an immediate and conservative approach. It makes sense, especially with squeezed staffing and tightening budgets. However, those who have spent years investing in their brand, capturing customers and winning mindshare, backing off your brand visibility is a risky proposition. We say, “don’t take your eye off the ball.”

It’s never been more important and timely to re-examine your brand message, bolster your brand equity, and ensure a winning brand position. Chances are our current “covid effect” economy has changed or will change whether you are relevant or not.
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