Princeton Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Opportunity

Dear Business Owners,

A very exciting 2-week Princeton Entrepreneurahip Summer Camp will be offered to Princeton High School students between August 5 and 16, and it needs our involvement.

The main idea for the camp is to ignite the hidden entrepreneurial spirit in the minds of students for whom exposure to business principles and practices is limited and access to business owners and leaders is rare.

The strength and enduring value of the camp experience depends on the engagement and participation of our local business community.
Beginning next week, fifteen diverse students need to hear from us and see us in action and you can help in many ways.

The Camp needs our help now and this is how:

Become Speakers
An integral component of the camp will be the opportunity for students to meet you, the business owner/operator. To do so, the Camp needs to secure several speakers, each to visit for one hour (August 6,7,8,9,12,13, 14 or 15) any time between 8:30-2:30, to share your story and experiences.

Host Field Trips
As described in the attached flyer, the in-class curriculum is rigorous. The experience needs to be enhanced by field trips to see local businesses in action – any day between the August 6 and 14 dates in a morning (9:00-11:00) or afternoon (12:00-2:00) time a lot.

Serve as Advisors and Judges
Through team competition, the students will gain an understanding of building on an investment and the necessary inputs to grow a business – just like the popular TV show, Shark Tank. The Camp needs several of us as advisors or act as judges on the final days of the camp, August 15 and 16.

I invite you to join me in this effort as an opportunity for the Princeton business community to excite and motivate our local students who could benefit from our involvement in many ways.

Please send me your preference(s) for how you would like to participate and what day(s) and times work for your schedule by Friday, August 2.

Thank you for your volunteerism!

Raoul Momo

Note: The concept and initial funding for the Camp was put forth by the Witherspoon-Jackson Development Corporation in recognition of the loss of many businesses that sustained the rich history of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood. The unique in-class curriculum was created by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.” – NFTE located on Wall Street, New York City.