Princeton University Preschool “Grilled Cheez Sandwich Day”

A group of 4 year old kids from “Princeton University Preschool” spent an exciting “Grilled Cheez Sandwich Day” at the outside seating of “Say Cheez Cafe” at Nassau Street. Duoduo, Jackie and other lovely teachers conducted the picnic “Al Fresco”. The kids enjoyed playing at the lawn of the University Audiovisual Building, next to “SayCheez Cafe”. Thanks to Erika Gilfether, Coordinator of the Day Care Programs for choosing “Say Cheez Cafe”. We look forward to having more kids from PU Preschool very soon.


Welcome to SAY CHEEZ CAFÉ, the best kept secret in Princeton.

You’ll find us right off of Nassau St. next to Campus, serving a wide variety of heart-warming BREAKFASTS, custom-made GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES, CHEESE OMELETTE SANDWICHES and homemade SOUPS. 

At Say Cheez it’s OK to get picky, in fact, it’s encouraged: 

We have 15 different types of CHEESE (vegans included) a dozen of NON-GMO BREADS (gluten free included), which you can mix and match with a mouth- watering 4 dozens of TOPPINGS, PROTEINS and SAUCES! 

Looking for great take-out? We’re it! But feel free to dine in or enjoy outside seating, next to the beautiful lawn of the Visual Arts University Building. 

We’ll send you off with another secret: Our corn-meal EMPANADAS with where-have-you-been-my-entire-life guarantee. 

So order by phone, online or visit us today at 183D Nassau Street.

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