PULSE PRODUCTIONS INC, creates video modules for Global Leadership Meeting

February 2021:  B2B project.

Ken Blando of Pulse Productions was tasked with creating a “look back” at some historical tragedies and disasters that occurred when poor management decisions and lack of quality control played a key role in causing the events.

Four Videos were created for a fortune 100 client for use at their annual Global Leadership Meeting to introduce a deeper discussion on why quality control is crucial in all areas and how managers can foster a culture where risks are mitigated.

Ken was involved in all aspects of crafting these videos, including directing, editing and animating the segments, as well as the audio/sound work. An added challenge was to keep these “intro clips” to 90 seconds or less, followed by several top leaders discussing each story.

Two of the Four intro videos are shared below.

One of the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy of 1986 and 

the second, the BP Deep Water Horizon explosion and massive oil spill disaster

into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.



Current and pending projects include multiple videos for long-standing Pharmaceutical clients, Medical Centers, Agency collaborations, as well as small business projects in the region.

Please contact Ken at Pulse Productions Inc about this project for added information. ken@pulseproductionsinc.com or 609-606-5153.