Pulse Productions Inc is here to help!

Pulse Productions Inc is here to help!

Pulse Productions Inc recently provided the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce courtesy services to get a message out to members on ways to help the local business community during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

It was a no-brainer when asked to help.  I’ve lived in this regional most of my life and value the power of how the local community can help each other both personally and professionally.  

We can all make a difference in our own ways, and to be able to use our skillset to help the Chamber communicate effectively with it’s members is a pleasure.  

You can view the video here:  https://vimeo.com/399036745.

Working heavily with the Pharma/Biotech and Medical Industry in NJ has been our mainstay.

So when given a chance to help the Chamber during this medical crisis, it’s a natural fit.

In February, we created the Annual Award profile for BioNJ’s largest event, honoring the CEO of Merck.  

We conducted all interviews, handled all recording, content selection and editing.  

LINK: https://vimeo.com/388771358

Our clients include Janssen/J&J, Merck, BMS, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Campbell Soup, Verizon, and many more, including partnership with local agencies in the Pharma industry as well.

Additionally, we’ve been able to work on other great causes recently, like the “NJ Hunger Project” in Robbinsville (150,000 meals packed in a day!), 

and documented the day for this great community event. LINK https://vimeo.com/352527209.

If we can assist any business during this challenging time, I’d hope they would reach out and we will do our best to help make a difference.  Stay safe everyone!

email ken@pulseproductionsinc.com.