CaddisArt Introduces “Remote Webinar Broadcast Director”

CaddisArt Introduces “Remote Webinar Broadcast Director”

CaddisArt’s Virtual Director Platform allows connections from anywhere in the world with the assistance off a remote director and producer

Thursday, May 7th – Florence Township, NJ – CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing announced today that it released a new service called Remote Webinar Broadcast Director. This service provided by the team allows multiple people to connect to their studio to interview and broadcast live from anywhere in the world. 

The “Virtual Director” version of this new service allows the production staff at CaddisArt to produce a full-featured Webcast that introduces a recorded version of the meeting or webinar for later post production.  During interviews and meetings, the “Virtual Director” can pop on to the screen and cut or retake a scene. Later, the video can be edited for content and better-looking video. 

“This essentially eliminates the need for expensive LTN, or cable TV-style broadcasts.” said Robert Blanda, President and CEO of CaddisArt, Inc. “It also opens up a lot of doors for people that cannot physically attend a video shoot or studio.”

The high-quality captured broadcasts are individually recorded in high definition and later assembled in post-production. They can then be made available on any social platform or re-broadcasted LIVE. 

“I try to let the meeting go without interrupting the speaker or presentation, but most times we strive for perfection. This is where you’ll see me pop in and ask for a retake.” 

The roll-out, according to Robert Blanda, is available now and is improving every day. Multiple sources of video, audio and screen-sharing sessions, including pre-recorded scenes can also be implemented.  

A wider look at CaddisArt’s Virtual Director Platform in Studio B – located in Florence Township, NJ

“Just today, we added a module that allows for the addition of Closed-Circuit Cameras and RTSP streams. Again, we’re opening doors for everyone with this new service.”

Robert explains that, partnered with Amazon, it plans to roll out an education-based platform for their client, Haztek Safety Management, an international company.

For questions related to this or any other service, please contact or by calling (856) 719-0273.