Shakira Brown Shares Strategies for Princeton Area Coaches

Shakira Brown Shares Strategies for Princeton Area Coaches

Award-Winning Branding Expert Shakira Brown Shares Strategies for Princeton Area Coaches to Define Their Brand Voice

On May 7, 2018 Award-winning PR & Branding expert and PRCC member Shakira M. Brown explained the importance of defining a brand voice and why business leaders need to harness its power NOW to members of the NJ-International Coaching Federation (NJ-ICF) Princeton Area Chapter. The group, led by fellow chamber member, Jeanette Iglesias of JI C

Shakira Brown

Shakira M. Brown shares her insights with business and life coaches thanks to her PRCC connections

oaching & Consulting, LLC, meets monthly at Caliper in Princeton, NJ 08540. Caliper is a 2018 Bronze sponsor of PRCC.

“I am pleased to have been able to collaborate with Jeanette to advise Princeton area NJ-ICF members on the value of a true brand messaging strategy. In reality the average person may believe that coaches are all the same, to break through that myth coaches of all disciplines need to differentiate to rise to the top. A brand voice isn’t about the creation of a non-human voice. It’s about being consistent with the voice you are creating – positioning yourself as an easily identified and authoritative source for your area of expertise. Clarifying your brand message or what I refer to as solving your ‘existential business crisis’ paves the way for business leaders to position their enterprise with a competitive advantage that sells.”

Brown is the Founder & CEO of SMB Strategic Media LLC ( ), a firm that helps small business owners get to the heart of why the customers/clients buy their goods and service helping them clarify their message via strategic brand messaging. The company helps businesses convey their competitive advantage with custom PR and content development services to help them stand out in their market. Brown is also the founder creator of The Functional EntrepreneurTM philosophy and marketing consulting for America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey. Shakira has nearly 25 years of experience in public relations, television production, branding, marketing and website strategy. She has won over 13 industry awards in various disciplines for her work and is a frequent business speaker at professional conference ( Known as “The Small Biz Whisperer, she is the host of Moment Masters Show Small Business Podcast ( available on iTunes and Google Play, among others and she is also a contributing writer for Black

Chamber Connections at Work!
This speaking engagement for Brown was a result of a PRCC brief encounter with Iglesias at a Business after Business event in January. After a few conversations, a date was selected for Brown to address the group on the subject of brand voice. During the talk, Brown explained the four components of what a brand messaging strategy consists of and ways that those messages can be created. She also provided an interactive component by asking attendees of the meeting to share some of their current prospecting challenges and connecting those challenges to their need to define their brand voice.

After Brown’s presentation Iglesias expressed her gratitude, “Engaging Shakira to speak with us was just a fantastic approach to understanding what we can be doing better as business owners to build a brand and grow into what we ultimately want to be. I thank Shakira for her time and some of her wisdom to help us communicate our message to the world in a stronger way.”

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