Spring Has Sprung at Terhune Orchards

Each day, spring’s arrival is becoming more evident at Terhune Orchards. The peach trees were the first in our orchards to start blooming. The cherry trees and apples trees won’t be far behind. Come stroll through the fairyland of blooming trees. Some late season frosts gave New Jersey’s farming community some concern this year but it looks like all of our fruit trees are going to have an excellent crop this season. Spring farm chores are picking up. Seedlings for summer crops are being tended. More apple trees were planted. The grapevines in the vineyard were pruned to ensure a heavy crop to use in wines.

The farmyard is filled with pots of pansies, herbs and primroses. Masses of spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips fill our gardens. The greenhouse is full of hanging baskets and potted flowering plants.

Come explore spring on the farm for yourself. The Nature Trail is open every day. Terhune Orchards is a family run business on 200 acres of preserved farmlands. Beyond the orchards and fields, you will also encounter birds and wildlife. The animals in the barnyard are enjoying the warmth of the sun. Stop by and you’ll see Lucky the white peacock, Mexicali the horse, guinea hens, goats, chickens and sheep.

We are currently harvesting spring greens and herbs from our high tunnel and greenhouses. Look for lettuce, spinach, kale, chives, cilantro and dill in the farm store. Asparagus shoots have begun to emerge. Within a few weeks, the pick your own asparagus field will open. Updates will be available on the Terhune Orchards Facebook page or by calling the farm store at 609-924-2310.