Rutgers Joint Study with Eating for Your Health Reveals Simple Blueprint

PRINCETON, N.J. – October 21, 2022 – A new study finds that health care providers looking to improve patient nutrition should skip the trendy diet recommendations and instead ask one important question: How does the food make you feel?

According to a joint analysis by the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers and Eating for Your Health, an overwhelming 90% of participants surveyed after a 10-day healthy eating program said that observing and documenting how their bodies responded to the foods they ate—a pillar of Eating for Your Health called How You Feel is Data®—helped them make better food choices and improve their eating habits.

“While behavior change can be difficult, this study shows that observing, journaling and self-discovery can support the process and improve the long-term health of patients,” said Marion Reinson, the executive director of Eating for Your Health. “Experimenting with foods and recipes and listening to and understanding your body’s reaction is a self-directed, effective, proactive first step toward discovering a sustainable and stabilizing way of eating that works for you.”

On average, 86% of the participants who participated in the program said in a post-study survey that they were “confident” they would change their eating habits moving forward. Likewise, 70% agreed that the concept behind How You Feel Is Data® was a “powerful tool” for health care providers to use as a blueprint for future programs trying to help patients make positive lifestyle changes with nutrition.

“The entire experience was eye-opening and helped us learn a lot about ourselves and our eating habits in a very non-judgmental space,” said Chandana Singathi, a student at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers who participated in the survey. “Eating for Your Health taught us their nutritional pillars, how to apply them and how we can personally feel better on a daily basis by simply changing the way we eat, starting with the first meal of the day.”

The joint program began when four Rutgers University pharmacy student researchers and their faculty advisor, clinical pharmacist and associate professor Mary Wagner, partnered with Eating for Your Health, where Wagner is a board member. The 10-day “eating challenge” aimed to measure the likelihood of someone improving their nutritional behavior after taking part in an interactive, judgment-free community program. The challenge included three one-hour educational and check-in webinar sessions where participants were shown how to prepare recipes and report back on how they felt after eating them. To help keep participants on track, daily emails were sent with tips and motivational techniques.

In all, 58 Rutgers health care professionals, staff and students enrolled in the study.

The collaborative program with the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers is one of several joint initiatives underway at Eating for Your Health. Since July, the Princeton, N.J.-based nonprofit has partnered with several nonprofits, including Central Jersey’s Dress for Success, The Breast Cancer Resource Center (Princeton YWCA), The Father Center and various local libraries.

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Eating for Your Health by Suppers is a nonprofit 501c3 organization based in Princeton, New Jersey, that provides a supportive, non-judgmental learning environment where people can discover a way of cooking and eating that improves and sustains optimal health. The organization connects an ecosystem of medical and healthcare practitioners, community partners, chefs and farmers with people seeking resources and support for a healthy lifestyle through in-person and virtual programming.

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