Symposium on Race

Symposium on Race

Symposium on Race Relations – Two virtual events: Thursday August 13, and Thursday August 20, 2020. Registration is required for Zoom access – these programs are free and all are welcome to join in the conversation.

Dear Friends,

In June, on behalf of the Princeton Senior Resource Center, I released the following statement on the challenges facing our nation:

The Princeton Senior Resource Center grieves alongside the Floyd, Taylor, Arbery, and McDade families along with countless others whose loved ones have fallen victim to the pandemic of racism plaguing our country. We stand in solidarity and support alongside of our black and brown neighbors in their sadness and rage who are demanding justice and systemic change. We stand collectively against the institutional racism and white supremacy that has become a public health crisis in this country. With other community partners, we will continue to work for a just and equitable society that ensures that all black lives matter. Further, we commit ourselves as an organization to deep introspection and assessment, epistemic humility and learning, and standards of care for all people as we strive towards a better society.

In making that statement, I also invited you to join me in the active pursuit of justice by taking steps to pursue the work of anti-racism. In that spirit, our program staff has put together a symposium on race this month. Next Thursday, August 13 at 1:00 p.m., we will be joined by Rachel Wainer Apter (director of the Division of Civil Rights for the State of New Jersey) and Aarin Williams (chief-of-staff). This powerful presentation will focus on systemic and systematic racism. On Thursday, August 20 at 1:00 p.m., we will be joined by the Rev. Gil Caldwell (retired United Methodist pastor & civil rights advocate who worked with Dr. King) and a group of young adults for a panel discussion on the power of protest in the civil rights movement past, present, and future.