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A remote render computer, in it’s simplest form is another computer that takes the job and offloads it from our editing workstations and queues it up to do the job so we can continue to work on our workstations uninterrupted. A remote render farm is a series of similar computers that work together to perform the same task, but with redundancy, resiliency and exponential speeds.

Why do video editors and producers cringe when we have to work with a video taken with your phone in portrait or “vertical” orientation?

CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing announced today that it released a new service called Remote Webinar Broadcast Director. This service provided by the team allows multiple people to connect to their studio to interview and broadcast live from anywhere in the world. 

The clear definition of Cinematic should make you want to change your methods of video marketing as soon as possible. by Robert Blanda of CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing We’ve all seen movies, either at the theater or in the comfort of

CaddisArt, Inc. Teams up with Linus Tech Tips to Lend Computing Power to COVID-19 Research and Development March 23, 2020 – Roebling, NJ – CaddisArt, a cinematic film and media company, teamed up with influencer, Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech

Florence, NJ – October 24, 2020 — CaddisArt Digital Media Production Studios, with locations in Burlington and Camden Counties, has expanded operations to include a returning employee, a new process and a host of new clients.  The company is welcoming

Learning something new every day increases your abilities to perform a wider spectrum of services for your clients. Since we wear a closet full of hats to perform new and interesting services for our clients, it’s absolutely necessary to keep

CaddisArt is a Proud Sponsor of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber Some of you already know that the world of ‘marketing mechanics’ is a fast-paced, deadline-driven challenge that wakes us up very early in the morning and keeps us working

What on earth did they just say? If you’ve ever spoken with a video producer, director or editor you may find a few words or phrases that will leave you asking the eternal question: What on earth did they just

You’ve booked the studio, wrote your script, shot the video and now you’re holding on to the greatest tool in your pocket. But honestly, what’s next?  by Robert Blanda, CaddisArt, Inc.  Sometimes videos are made for an exclusive purpose such