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We’re all guilty of reading the one-star reviews first. Written by Robert Blanda of CaddisArt, Inc.   We’re all guilty of it. Let’s say you’re purchasing something online. We check the one-star ratings before the 5 star ratings. Why? Because

I first became acquainted with the Princeton Chamber while still working in the hotel industry. I worked in hotels for about 20 years prior to my entering the field of retirement healthcare and planning. I have been a member of

“As a Realtor, I run my own business and my clients are people from all walks of life! Whether working with a first time homebuyer to buy a one bedroom condo, or empty nesters who are downsizing their 5 bedroom

“When we moved our business to Princeton, NJ, the first person to show up at our launch event was Peter Crowley, President and CEO of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC). That kind of warm and enthusiastic welcome is

“When I first joined the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC), I was a naïve, new business owner,  unsure of how to get my message out and how to grow my business.  Then I met Christine Curnan, Director of Membership

“What a fantastic experience it is being a member of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC)! There are so many opportunities to network and build relationships. The PRCC staff is superb and the events are fabulous. It is such an

“It is an honor to give testimonial to a robust business organization like the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. Their staff is top quality and very attuned to helping Chamber members thrive. On a scale of one to five I