Testimonials & Reviews: Taking Time to Recognize the Good

We’re all guilty of reading the one-star reviews first.


Don’t immediately leave a bad review. Instead, contact the company first.

We’re all guilty of it. Let’s say you’re purchasing something online. We check the one-star ratings before the 5 star ratings. Why? Because we live in a negative society that tends to only be concerned about what is bad in the world of products and services. Just a few bad reviews and your company could be in complete peril. It’s actually kind of selfish. Mistakes happen, people mess up, equipment breaks. Welcome to the world of business ownership.

Perhaps I have a different mindset about customer reviews and testimonials. 

Let’s say, for instance, I purchase a hard drive for a server in our facility. I install it, it runs for a few days and then it craps out due to poor manufacturing or quality assurance. My first inclination is to get the RMA, box it up and send it back. I think it’s a waste of my time to go running to the reviews section and leave a negative comment that can potentially hurt a seller just because of one bad product. Instead, I am very happy to write a good review when a product or service exceeds my expectations.


Now, if I get another hard drive and, it too, is defective, I’m starting to see a pattern. However, I contact the seller directly first. I tell them if the next item is defective, I am going to leave a bad review. This sparks attention directly to the seller and initiates an investigation into either QA or checking remaining stock to see if they are all defective. In fact, it can pay off to play it this way. I’ve actually received a replacement and was refunded for the drive itself for my troubles. They actually reimbursed me for the shipping which they didn’t have to do. In my mind, that’s a company that made a mistake and is trying to satisfy the customer. A negative review never fixes the issue and makes a good company look bad.

I am very happy to write a good review when a product or service exceeds my expectations. 

Nikhil Prasannan, my tech support helper at Hostgator

I had one of these experiences today with a company called Hostgator. This is one of the companies that manages a server in our web hosting farm in Arizona. Turns out, the mistake was theirs, so I hopped on to live chat support and – sit down for this – had one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I have been a client of Hostgator for almost 15 years. Although some of my support requests are not their responsibility, they still try to help the best they can. To me, that’s “above and beyond,” something you rarely see these days.

Although I am not a fan of overseas support (which this clearly was), I was surprised at the friendliness and excellent English and grammar by my new found friend. In ten minutes, my issue was resolved and I was back up and running.

I couldn’t stop there. I had to let someone know about the great support I received from this wonderful, faceless person on the other end of my support request. 

I tried to research the email addresses of the powers that be, but they all bounced and my kudos went nowhere. When I dug a little further, I found a customer relations email address and decided to send the following message:

Good morning, Hostgator Team!
I am a long-standing customer of Hostgator (as a reseller hosting provider) for almost 15 years. We are in the business of not only web development but brand strategy, cinmatic video production and general marketing tech support.
I’d like to single out a very good experience with a live chat operator at Hostgator that I had this morning. His name is Nikhil Prasannan ( Our Conversation ID was: 25131341. 
First and foremost, Nikhil was very kind and had excellent English skills. I’m aware he may be overseas taking these calls, so that’s a big plus that he was grammatically accurate and friendly. Second, this guy is smart. He knew right away what was wrong with an issue I had and was able to fix the issue in under 10 minutes. Mind you, I’m a former Network Engineer from IBM and now a Linux Administrator running over 10 servers at our facility. I’m pretty good with technology, but I’ll be darned if Nikhil was smarter. Quick, intelligent, friendly, and understanding.
Many people don’t take time to write a KUDOS or good testimonial, but I wholeheartedly believe Nikhil deserves recognition for his swift method of support.
In addition, I applaud Hostgator, it’s services and it’s customer support. Please keep up the great work! You’ve got a long-standing client here that couldn’t say nicer things about your company.  Even your billing staff worked with me to get me better prices than the competitor and has ultimately been a great resource.
Thank you once again and please be sure Nikhil gets some recognition for his outstanding efforts.
Stay safe and have a great day,
Robert Blanda
President & Creative Director
CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing

In conclusion, it’s important to buff the scratch before calling the insurance company (so to speak). Only bad things come from negative reviews unless you’re seriously getting the short end of the stick. Take the time, write something nice and your efforts will be applauded for taking valuable time out of your day to recognize the good instead of the bad.

I surely hope that I get a positive email someday about my staff, giving them kudos instead of complaints (no, I’ve never gotten a complaint about my staff).

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