The Fast-Paced Marketing Support of the Chamber

CaddisArt is a Proud Sponsor of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber

CaddisArt is a proud sponsor of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber

Some of you already know that the world of ‘marketing mechanics’ is a fast-paced, deadline-driven challenge that wakes us up very early in the morning and keeps us working well into the evening. There are a lot of variables, making our lives busy and sometimes downright hectic.

The Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber is no exception. They are by far, our busiest client. No debate there. Because the Chamber is event-driven, the mechanics to market each event differs from each program, requiring a different set of parameters for each event.

Our project coordinator has a tall order maintaining and organizing these tasks for the production crew to fulfill each day. Each event, recurring publication and marketing task has its own set of variables requiring our staff to organize these by deadline, order of event and level of priority. This is no easy feat, especially for our coordinator.

Tuning up our brains for the Chamber

See, we’re not just members. We’re also not just a sustaining sponsor. We’re proud to be the marketing mechanics behind all the eBlasts, flyers, website, print signage, and data syncing for the Chamber.

Robert Blanda started in the Chamber world back when the MIDJersey Chamber was around (circa 2014). The MIDJersey Chamber (formerly the Mercer Chamber) was busy, but nothing like what we see at PMRC. Previously coming from another fast-paced world of marketing for a popular New Jersey amusement park, Rob fit in without issue. Different methods, but nearly the same pace.

Rob joined the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber as a full-time employee in November of 2016 as the Senior Design and Communications Manager, not knowing how much more involved the position would be. Adaptation and creation of new automated tasks and templates was certainly in order. After the creation of partial automation, the job became a bit easier and manageable.

The Princeton Internet Group (PING) is led by our colleague Rob Freda

The new website was built with serious challenges since the site had to be integrated with their back-end system, WebLink. With a little DNS assistance from Rob Freda of Princeton Internet Group (PING), their former website provider, we were up and running in less than 3 weeks with a shiny new web presence that the Chamber staff was happy with. PING was on our side and the task became easier because of their previous knowledge with the integration.

After spending a couple of years as a full-time employee, Robert left the Chamber to breathe life back into CaddisArt. With that move also came the Chamber as a retainer client. We were all too happy to have them. To this day, CaddisArt still maintains everything that was done previous, only from a different location and with more resources for the Chamber to utilize every day.

In summary, the automation of Chamber marketing tasks is a large part of what makes CaddisArt the perfect compliment to this wonderful organization. We hope to be a part of Chamber team for years and years to come. We also thank the Chamber wholeheartedly for their confidence in our abilities to serve them each and every day.

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