The Missing Letter In D&I: How To Communicate Belonging

Presented by the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber’s Diversity & Inclusion Program

Virtual Webinar The Missing Letter In D&I: How To Communicate Belonging

Friday, June 26, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Rakia Reynolds, Founder & CEO- Skai Blue Media

We’ve observed that the interest in equity work is declining today, but it’s needed now more than ever – specifically in language and communications equity. Skai Blue Media’s mission is to build equity in communications. For Rakia Reynolds, this means cultivating conscious communication within these six blocks:

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
  • Written
  • Social + Digital
  • Networking
  • Media Presence

About Rakia Reynolds

One of the most sought-after minds in strategic communications, @rakiareynolds is a thought leader, tastemaker, and strategic communications expert who advises top Fortune 500 companies on creative strategy. Rakia (pronounced RA-KEY-AH) has been guiding client successes with her own distinctive brand of authenticity and expertise for over a decade. Although Rakia’s expertise doesn’t fit into a single box, her experience checks many. With a gloriously and intentionally diverse client list that has included Airbnb, Comcast, Dell, Morgan Stanley, Serena Williams, Ashley Graham, Global Citizen, Landit, and many others, Rakia serves as Founder and CEO of strategic communications agency Skai Blue Media. A non-traditional agency, Skai Blue Media is a proudly eclectic group of storytellers, brand experts and strategists. Her team works with people, places and products that span lifestyle, technology, non-profit vertices, specializing in innovative entrepreneurs and brands. The movers and doers of Skai Blue Media are based in Philadelphia and New York, but not bound.

Rakia is recognized for her innovative approach and commitment to authenticity, almost as distinctly as she is for the bright highlights in hues of blue that consistently eminent from her fro. As a thought-leader, Rakia is a proven authority in marketing, creative strategy, strategic communications, and business development. Onstage, she has a passion and expertise that has captivates audiences across several industries—including branding and media, multicultural business, economic development and the entrepreneurial journey. Originally from Newark, Rakia resides in Princeton, NJ with her family. In 2017, Inc. Magazine named Rakia an “Entrepreneur Aiming to Change the World”, and she doesn’t plan on stopping until she does.  Rakia is an active member of the NationSwell Council—participating in the network of innovators who are working together to develop impactful solutions for America’s most critical issues. Self-described as a “well-dressed nerd”, Rakia was named one of 25 tastemakers on Dell’s “Inspire 100” list and is currently the face of the Dell small business national campaign. She was appointed to the United Nations Global Accelerator, a select group of entrepreneurs from the U.S. who collectively address real-world issues with creative solutions. In 2017, Inc. Magazine named Rakia an “Entrepreneur Aiming to Change the World”.

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