As a proactive and forward-thinking organization, the Princeton Mercer Chamber creates value added programs and services designed to help our members succeed. To that end, we’re excited to announce a powerful new retirement savings solution now available exclusively for members of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce;

The Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Lincoln Financial, a nationally recognized leader in retirement planning services, and Merrill Lynch as financial advisors, to develop this unique program that provides a cost-effective and easy way for you to implement a turnkey 401(K) employee program. 

What is the MEAP Program?

The Multiple Employer 401(k) Aggregate Program (MEAP) is a group 401(k) program designed and made available for an organization’s members or clients. The MEAP is designed to gather each plan’s important administrative, recordkeeping and fiduciary services to be overseen by a third party and often helps reduce time and cost.

Here’s a brief video that explains the MEAP

Why should you consider joining the Chamber’s MEAP?

If your business has never offered a retirement plan, or even if you already have a plan in place, it may be time to consider switching to the Chamber’s MEAP plan.  Here’s why:

  • It’s easy – the MEAP becomes your 401(k) department, performing most of the administrative tasks for the plan, including handling regular contribution files
  • It protects you – by joining the MEAP, employers can avoid much of the compliance concerns that come with offering their own plan
  • It’s cost competitive – the MEAP delivers more value and services – potentially at similar or less costs than you are already paying.  And as new businesses sign up and the assets grow, the MEAP is reviewed for price reductions

Take the next step

Put the Chamber’s MEAP to work for you, for more information contact:

Michael Barna                                                     
Merrill a Bank of America Company                         
172 Main Street                                                       
Chester NJ 07930                                                 

James Bumstead
Merrill a Bank of America Company
172 Main Street                                                       
Chester NJ 07930                                                 

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