The Show Must Go On 2: 5 Tips for using video in the COVID-19 situation…

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In times of crisis, video can be the most personal way to keep informing the public: your customers, prospects and fellow businesses. You can show how you are dealing with the issues at hand, what you offer the community, and how your business is coping and doing business.

Or simply continue to show what your business has, and how to still buy what you have, when people are not visiting your business.

Video is the #1 most effective easiest and cost-effective way to still be able to still go face to face when actual face to face becomes difficult! It’s totally free for you to upload your videos on YourTownTube and FitFabandWellTube. Then, through our sophisticated system ( one that we have cultivated throughout the community for many years), we get your videos VIEWED, within the largest highest-quality Princeton Region audience. Typically 10-300X more local views than same local video gets on traditional social media (including YouTube).

Click Here to See the Video: Esther ESTIRINC Why videos mean business to my business

If you need assistance registering, uploading or doing your own videos contact – we are here to help – because we can!

Our mission at YourTownTube and FitFabandWellTube is to build a strong local video community for the greater Princeton Mercer Region. just as YouTube does for the world.

With over 15,000 videos and average 3.4 million hits per month, we get local video content viewed by a large highly-qualified Princeton Mercer Region audience.