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The Show Must Go On, plus Local Videos Mrs. G, AudiPrinceton, StimulusBrand, ESTIRINC, PrincetonAir, Hamilton Jewelers

Our mission at YourTownTube and FitFabandWellTube is to build a strong local video community for the greater Princeton Region. Just as YouTube does for the world.

With over 15,000 videos and 3.4 million hits per month, we get local video content viewed by a large highly-qualified local audience.

This exclusive VPOD club includes several Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber Independent Business Alliance (IBA) leading members, working together to educate, entertain, and grow our communities…

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The show must go on. Use video. Here’s how.

Video is the #1 most effective easiest and cost effective way to still be able to still go face to face when actual face to face becomes difficult! It’s free for you to upload your videos on YourTownTube and FitFabandWellTube – and then we get them VIEWED, within the largest highest-quality Princeton Region audience. If you need assistance registering, uploading or doing your own videos contact – we are here to help – because we can! 

Watch Stimulus Brand Channel – @StimulusBrand Give me a minute of your time by Tom McManimon.

Do you make point of smiling when you connect with someone? Dale Carnegie once said, “we must have a good time meeting people if we expect them to have a good time meeting us.” It only takes a second to smile and make an impression. Give it a try! 


Hamilton for Business. Employee Recognition Gifts & Programs…

Did you know organizations with strategic recognition programs in place exhibit 28.6% lower frustration levels than companies without recognition programs? To really amplify your employees’ efforts, implement an employee incentive program today.

Did you know that 90% of employees in settings with rewards programs believe in the statement “my work makes a difference”? Businesses that use an effective reward system can improve the workplace culture, thereby reducing employee turnover.

Watch Audi Princeton Channel – @AudiPrinceton

The 2020 S6 – WOW technology, beauty, luxury and performance.

See this amazing car and all the other renowned Audi vehicles we have right now in our showroom!


A You Shine Session: Meet Esther Tanez of ESTIRINC by Kapu Patel.

Watch Princeton Air Channel  @PrincetonAir

Scott Needham shares unique advice on Rainmaker Roundup.

Watch Mrs. G Channel – @Mrs.G – How do we do it?

Princeton Mercer Camber networking event at Mrs.G. “How Does Mrs. G compete, especially on price, with the big-box, regional chains, and internet giants?

B2B, B2C, Local Residents and Merchants: A large audience all-video all-local website helps our community and businesses grow.

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