Two Mercer County Tech Entrepreneurs Address Unemployment Through Their Premier Job Site “Mercer County Works”

Two Mercer County Tech Entrepreneurs Address Unemployment Through Their Premier Job Site “Mercer County Works”

Mercer County, NJ., June 25, 2020: With the national number of unemployed persons rising to 23.1 million as of April 2020, a new job site aimed for Mercer County residents (and surrounding areas) has been created to remind people that companies are still hiring and to use a new job platform as a trusted resource to remedy joblessness and underemployment.

Mercer County Works (MCW) is pleased to announce a job site for Mercer County and its surrounding areas as part of its focus on career development services while serving as a credible hub for employers and recruiters to advertise their job vacancies to job seekers.  

In today’s job market, competition is fierce and international, so maximizing each opportunity with a small margin of error is the norm for securing the job that you desire.  In addition, with the proliferation of technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), there are new rules to the job process where aspects like keywords, facial recognition, intonation and body language are graded and ranked before a candidate meets a human.  So, what does Mercer County Works do to combat this?  They work with area companies and recruiters to highlight local talent, help job seekers build career skills through public-private partnerships and position candidates in front of recruiters, providing direct access to hiring managers.  Additionally, MCW offers video interview software that makes the interview process more efficient for job seekers and employers, alike.  Since their job site is mobile-friendly, job seekers, recruiters and employers have increased access to the platform features and benefits.

There are several advantages for utilizing Mercer County Works.  First, their job site is user-friendly and candidate-focused which allows for an easy experience to post a job seeker’s résumé and enhance his or her profile to attract employers. In addition, there is a bevy of helpful resources and pro-tip information to help candidates create interview-generating résumés; people will certainly have more confidence applying for jobs.  Conversely, MCW’s résumé database is an enticing search tool for employers and recruiters to contact high-value professionals, even if these individuals are not actively looking for a job.  Moreover, their job site boosts an employer’s branding within the county and surrounding areas to interest candidates in their respective culture and work environment.

The Mercer County Works platform supports employment opportunities for re-entry candidates and is an ardent proponent of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.  Re-entry candidates have spent months preparing for gainful employment and have cultivated specific knowledge, skills, abilities and experience in education programs and/or vocational training during their incarceration.  Additionally, providing a second chance to find a job provides for a constructive and positive path into the fabric of their community.  The latter, DE&I, is equally important because research from notable universities show that diverse teams perform better, spark improved creativity and innovation, raise employer branding and facilitate the learning of your consumer base.  Moreover, DE&I can attract and retain more talent; this is a crucial element for any company to establish a competitive advantage. 

The two young tech entrepreneurs behind this initiative are Duncan W. Harrison, Jr. and Justin Tyler.  Duncan is the Associate Executive Director of The Father Center of NJ, formerly known as UIH Family Partners, and holds a professional certification in Human Resources Management from Rutgers University, a professional certification in staffing and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  He has offered numerous career training opportunities through their “Bridges to Success” program that provides stackable certifications in forklift, OSHA, ServSafe and Flagger.  Justin is the Director of PR, Marketing and Communications for an American private school in Doha, Qatar and founder of Résumés by J. Tyler, Mercer County Works’ partner career services firm.  He is a human resources professional, author, Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and career coach that possesses a graduate degree in Human Resources Management.

Together, they hold a shared experience and passion to serve Mercer County in a way that matters.  Their belief in helping people fulfill their career goals is paramount in their personal and professional goals, so it was an organic and impactful experience to create Mercer County Works to serve this mission.

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About Mercer County Works: Mercer County Works is a premier job site that offers job seekers targeted employment opportunities in Mercer County and in the surrounding areas.  After individual successes as an author, certified professional résumé writer, career coaches, human resources professionals and community leadership, their joint goal is to be the #1 career resource to get residents in Mercer County and its surrounding areas to work!