Utilize keywords to send buyers to your website. J&M Marketing Communications

Keywords help you build client relationships.

Keywords are the heart of any good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. Keywords open up lines of communication between your business and people who want your services. If your website contains keywords that potential customers are using to search, Google’s robots are more likely to send people to your website. And people are more likely to think you understand their wants and needs.
Okay, sounds good. But how do you determine what keywords to use? There are several ways. Here are some.

1. Guesswork. This is actually a pretty reasonable way to go. You’ll capture some low-hanging fruit. You’ll use your own instincts. Come up with words you’d be likely to use. And, after all, you know your business. But do your own words go deep enough?

2. Check with Google, or similar source. You’re likely to find a list that makes sense. However, there is one big drawback. Google ranks words based on how they are used. Google lists categories like “broad match” “exact match.” And words get a different ranking based on those categories. The rankings are a clue to how important a keyword is, how many times you should use it. But clue is the operative word here. You don’t know the importance of each word for sure.

3. Hire an SEO company that will update your keywords on a regular basis.

4. J&M Marketing Communications uses a unique new proprietary software that captures the keywords for leading businesses in your industry. Then, the software ranks the words by order of importance. Everything is data-driven. No guesswork. So, we know the exact words to use and how many times to use them. Now, comes the hard part. Those words have to be put into palatable

English for both Google’s robots to send people to your website and for potential customers to read them and appreciate what you have to offer. In addition, some words have to be used many times, while other words may point to new opportunities for your business.
J&M’s processes is a one and done. No monthly fees. This keyword process is on every website we develop, but right now, during the pandemic, we are offering it as a separate option.
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