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World Down Syndrome Day Celebration

Rock Your Socks Off 2019

World Down Syndrome Day Celebration

The Down Syndrome Association of Central NJ (DSACNJ) is a non-profit parent support group for families with children or adults with Down syndrome. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra copy of chromosome 21. This additional genetic material alters development and results in characteristics associated with Down syndrome. Typically individuals experience mild to moderate cognitive delays and have an increased risk for certain medical conditions. However, with quality educational programs, a stimulating home environment, accessible health care and support from family, friends and the community these individuals can lead fulfilling and productive lives. People with Down syndrome attend school, work, have meaningful relationships and contribute to society in significant ways.

DSACNJ is a point of contact and information to those receiving a prenatal diagnosis of DS as well as a source of support during pregnancy, after birth, and through the lifespan. Our enrichment programs, regular meetings and social activities provide a venue to celebrate the lives of those with DS and encourage them to optimize their potential. through community awareness and outreach campaigns and presentations to medical communities, DSACNJ strives to dispel myths and educate about the abilities as well as the needs of those with Down syndrome.

On March 21, 2020 World Down Syndrome Day will be recognized around the world. Locally, DSACNJ will honor the day by hosting it’s sixth annual “Rock Your Socks Off” (RYSO) event at Cedar Garden’s Banquet Hall. The event features a DJ, professional photography, face paint, caricatures, buffet lunch, and silent auction. This community event welcomes all supporters together to raise awareness and show support for those with Trisomy 21. There is free admission and socks for individuals with Down syndrome, all others are $21. For details go to RYSO.GIVESMART.COM.

OUR S0CKS OFF 2019This year this event is more important than ever, with the upcoming grand opening of DSACNJ’s Club DREAMS, a Down syndrome enrichment center in Ewing, NJ . Club Dreams will open Spring 2020 at the Suburban Square Shopping Center in Ewing, NJ. It will provide enrichment activities, academic support, socialization and job skills training. Volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome will be essential to the success of the center. Ribbon cutting date TBA. For questions, sponsorship, volunteer opportunities, or general information about our organization, and the latest update about Club Dreams visit our website at www.dsacnj.org or ryso.givesmart.com.